NSP, LLC. staffing policy includes creation and maintenance of a consistent corporate culture to:

  • generate spirit of a solid team that works for common targets and ensures employee support for management actions;
  • develop a system of business values;
  • create conditions to improve employee competency and motivation; 
  • sustainably select and handle personnel and to constantly enhance their professional skills;

Career in NSP, LLC.

Currently NSP, LLC. provide multifold possibilities for professional improvement both for beginners and experienced specialists. A chance to contribute to development of the oil and gas industry that impacts development of almost all Russian economy makes work in the company interesting and promising.

NSP, LLC. with its vast experience in designing and surveying for fuel and energy complex facility construction is an opportunity to everybody to work in the forefront of new facility construction in Russia, CIS countries and beyond.

Training and Staff Development

The company is interested in permanent employee professional improvement and in personality development for it considers constant employee training and development the clue to successfully reaching the company goals and targets. Highly qualified personnel is the key factor to company development. Employees are given all possibilities for professional and career growth.

NSP, LLC. sign agreements with colleges on predegree practice for the top students followed by putting them on the staff as soon as they successfully defend their theses.

Labour Conditions and Social Policy

In order to create most comfortable labour conditions and, as a result, obtain best results and commitment, NSP, LLC. provides a full social package in accordance with the RF Labour Code, competitive wage, voluntary medical insurance, possibility for professional and career growth for its employees. There are loyal systems of material and non-material incentives.