Design works

Comprehensive design and survey work is the company's key area of business.

  1. Field development and oil and gas pumping:
    • infrastructure development of pad and single oil, gas and gas condensate production and injection wells;
    • design of cluster pumping stations;
    • design of all types of pipelines: oil and gas trunk pipelines, field pipelines, high and low pressure pipelines, stabilized and unstabilized condensate pipelines, low and high head water lines;
    • design of pipeline infrastructure;
    • process design of pipelines;
    • design of pipeline profiles;
    • all types of hydraulic calculations;
    • strength and stability analysis for trunk and in-site pipeline systems;
    • 3D modelling of site facilities in AutoCAD environment.
  2. Oil and gas treatment:
    • design of booster pumping stations;
    • design of free water knock-out (FWKO) stations;
    • design of oil treatment stations and water treatment stations;
    • design of gas treatment facilities;
    • design of oil custody-transfer stations;
    • design of oil pumping stations;
    • design of tank farms;
    • design of warehouses and petroleum product storage facilities;
    • design of flare systems;
    • design of low and high pressure compressor stations;
    • design of gas supply systems;
    • design of gas processing facilities and tying them in to a group of mini oil refinery plants.
  3. Design of industrial buildings:
    • design of fuel stations;
    • design of camps;
    • design of substations;
    • design of landfills;
    • design of warehouses;
    • design of fuel stations;
    • design of other kinds of industrial facilities.
  4. HSE:
    • environment protection measures for capital construction facilities;
    • environment protection measures for lines;
    • fire safety measures;
    • natural and man-induced emergency prevention measures;
    • risk analysis;
    • industrial safety declaration;
    • land reclamation activities;
    • maximum permissible discharge designs.

Front-edge computer technologies used to design oil and gas field infrastructure development are by leading Russian and foreign companies: Autodesk, Microsoft, etc. Application of them together with up-to-date calculation software helps take best process solutions while ensuring high operational reliability of facilities designed.