Research activities

Starting from the moment it was founded and up till now the company have been carrying out research works in geoscience: have been studying reservoir and petrophysical properties, examining reservoir rocks, rock mechanical properties, conducting special types of surveys with the purpose of enhancing oil recovery, defining oil and gas physical and chemical properties, preparing process solutions, performing research works and scientific support for hydrocarbon reservoir exploration, prospecting and development.

All design process documents are subject to the Russian Federation Central Development Commission, Russian Federation State Reserves Committee, Russian Federation General Board of State Expert Review examination.

Types of performed activities:

  • Pilot production plans;
  • Reservoir development plans and supplements to them;
  • Reservoir management plans and supplements to them;
  • Pilot production workflow for individual areas and deposits;
  • Workflow, reservoir management plans and their supplements follow-up;
  • Feasibility studies for oil recovery factors;
  • Background for geological structure of oil and gas deposits;
  • Background for geological structure of oil and gas deposits;
  • Oil and gas deposit hydrodynamic modelling;
  • Estimation of oil and gas reserves (followed by defence in the Russian Federation State Reserves Committee);
  • Designs for drilling of different purpose wells: production, disposal, evaluation wells, wildcats, offset, injection wells;
  • Designs for sidetracks from current wells;
  • Designs for pipeline submerged crossings performed by horizontal drilling;