The company carries out the whole range of surveying.
Engineering survey department is equipped with all necessary facilities from leading manufacturers Trimble , Topcon, Nikon, Leica, Sokkia, Metrotech, etc. to perform field and office activities.
Field data processing is done by using CREDO-DAT, EngGeo software. Autocad and Mapinfo software is applied to transfer survey data to a customer.

  1. Topographical surveys:
    • developing geodetic control networks;
    • routing linear facilities (motor ways, pipelines, power lines);
    • creating and updating topographical plans at a scale of 1:500-1:5000;
    • mapping underground utilities;
    • специальные геодезические и топографические работы при строительстве и реконструкции зданий и сооружений;
  2. Geotechnical surveys:
    • nautical surveys;
    • geotechnical expertise;
    • surface excavation, open pit and underground mining surveys;
    • engineering site investigations;
    • permafrost surveys;
    • lab tests of ground and bottom waters;
    • forecast of geological condition changes;
    • survey of soil condition of existing buildings and structures;
    • field tests and soil tests.
  3. Environmental surveys:
    • Estimation of current environment status based on field terrain, topsoil, animal and vegetal life studies;
    • Geoenvironmental testing and open air, soil, ground, surface water bodies and ground water pollution assessment;
    • Radiological situation examination and assessment, including area potential radon hazard;
    • Lab chemical analyses.
  4. Hydrometeorological surveys:
    • data collection, analysis and integration ;
    • hydrometeorological and map coverage of an area;
    • survey area water body reconnaissance;
    • water body stream conditions property observation;
    • ice conditions hazardous hydrometeorological process and event examination;
    • river, lake, wetland area water balance examination;
    • flow of catchment and river section generation examination;
    • main structure parameter justification and identification of hydrometeorological conditions of their operation;
    • data office processing using calculated hydrological and meteorological characteristics required for facility design.