NSP, LLC. performs the whole range of design and engineering activities required to construct and operate oil, gas and gas condensate fields, including process plants, various purpose pipelines and infrastructure facilities

  • central production facilities;
  • oil treatment facilities;
  • tank farms;
  • treatment facilities;
  • multi-phase pump stations;
  • field and trunk pipelines:
  • power supply systems;
  • general civil and industrial construction.

More than 150 infrastructure development designs were prepared for oil and gas and trunk pipeline companies in Central Russia, Volga, Southern Urals and Siberia regions during the design institute life.

Positive conclusions from state expert reviews in Moscow, Saratov and Samara and from industrial safety expert reviews with Federal Service for Environmental, Technological, and Nuclear Supervision (Rostekhnadzor) registration were obtained for all prepared designs.

The biggest ones are the following:


  • Kazakovsky, Aksenovsky oil treatment stations.
  • Prosvet custody transfer and loading station.  
  • Shabolovsky, Zarechensky, Bulatovsky, Kryukovsky, Avralinsky FWKO stations.
  • Zarechensky field gas treatment station.
  • Aksenovsky FWKO produced water disposal system.  
  • Konstantinovsky FWKO, Prosvet central processing facility loading station expansions.
  • Mamurinsky field reservoir pressure maintenance.  
  • Prosvet CPF gas supply system upgrade.


  • Novokuibyshevsk refinery heating network.
  • Samaraneftegaz OJSC facilities upgrade.
  • Achinsk refinery facilities taking down.


  • Privolzhsknefteprovod OJSC boiler gas consumption system upgrade.
  • Trunk pipeline telemechanics and instrumentation systems overhaul.
  • Bringing sections of a trunk pipeline to the required installation depth.
  • Kamysh-Burun pumping station technical liquidation.
  • Modernization of main product pipeline submerged crossing over the river Don.
  • Overhaul of main product pipeline submerged crossing-over the river P. Voronezh.


  • Modernization of Tarkhanovsky FWKO 2000 m3 Tank 2
  • Modernization of Ibryaevsky FWKO oil heating unit.
  • Zaglyadinsky oil treatment station separation module.
  • Gorny field multi-phase pump station.

and more than 80 oil field development designs.