Human Resources

Total company headcount is 140 employees, which makes it possible to handle several big projects simultaneously.

More than 85% of human resource are core business experts.

There are 3 Ph.D. in Engineering Science among company employees.

Material and Technical Resources

Key NSP, LLC. assets make it possible for the company personnel to perform all types of activities when carrying out design, survey and research works.

The company possesses sufficient number of vehicles (minibuses, off-road vehicles and passenger cars), so that the experts can go directly to fields and designed facilities.

NSP, LLC. scrupulously follow all requirements of laws, codes and safety rules. All employees when going to hazardous facilities are fully equipped with PPE in accordance with customer corporate requirements.

All company employees are equipped with advanced computer engineering based on Hewlett Packard solutions.

CAD and project management system based on up-to-date software from worldwide leaders, Russian companies and self-engineered products guarantees quick and flexible teamwork at all design and engineering stages with process total control.

The company policy allows using only licensed software.

Text and image documentation in A4-A0 formates is issued and copied utilizing highly-efficient engineering appliances and specialised printers.